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In Town(Gr 1-2)

WELCOME to Amesbury Soccer In Town League

InTown Shorts

The In Town League is our first opportunity to play in real games as part of a team.

  • Players initially participate in clinic style practices and scrimmages.
  • Teams will be formed in the second week with the goal of having well balanced rosters for the remainder of the season. 
  • Games are 25 minutes long, 2 halves with a 5 minute halftime. 
  • Nets are 6x12 in size
  • Using a size 4 soccer ball 
  • A Referee will be utilized
  • Most of the basic rules of soccer apply though there will be no throw ins at the beginning of the season (till it is taught). 

In Town Registration Status

Registration is open for Fall 2024.



Schedule for Spring 2024 coming soon. The program is scheduled to start after April break and run for 8 weeks.

Players will have one week night practice and one Saturday game per week.



Equipment and Uniform

  • Jerseys are provided.
  • Shorts and soccer socks can be any color
  • Cleats are recommended.

Required for every session:

  • A size 4 ball
  •  shin pads
  • water bottle