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Coaching Information and Resources

Welcome to the Amesbury Soccer Association Coaching & Education Center.

ASA's objective is to provide the youth of Amesbury with a positive soccer experience that focuses on individual skills, teamwork, and  fun. This page will host resources for ASA coaches, players, and parents. 

For additional information contact ASA's Director of Education Paul Dombrowski.

ASA Coaching Requirements

ASA is a non-profit, volunteer organization, which depends on coaches and volunteers to bring the beautiful game to the youth of Amesbury.

For the benefit of our players, there are several requirements that need to be fulfilled before your participation in ASA programs.

ASA Coach Registration and Mandatory Trainings:

 1. Sign up on an ASA Volunteer - Click Here

2. Create a Massachusetts Youth Soccer profile. This step includes applying for a CORI background check - Click Here

3. CDC Heads Up Concussion Training (online training)

4. SafeSport Training on abuse awareness and prevention (online training)

 Please make sure that you use the access code provided on the Massachusetts Youth Soccer website.

Link to MYSA “SportsConnect” page which has both the SafeSport and CDC Concussion trainings

This will take you to a log in page that looks like this 

 After completing the online training, please email PDF certificates to ASA Director of Compliance - click here to email

Coaching Resources & Training Plans:


ASA is excited at the return of TOPSoccer in our community in 2024. TOPSoccer provides young players with disabilities the opportunity to participate in and find joy in soccer.  

Resources for TOPSoccer coaches, parents, and players are provided within this section. 

TOPSoccer Resources (Massachusetts Youth Soccer) - various information and worksheets

TOPSoccer Workshop Videos (Massachuetts Youth Soccer)

TOPSoccer Guide for Parents (US Youth Soccer)

Soccer development is built on technical (individual) and tactical (teams) skills. This section of the website provides practice plans and resources for ASA coaches that are age group specific and to provide game-like situations. 

Amesbury Soccer Association advocates that all coaches follow  Play-Practice-Play, consistent with U.S. Soccer Grassroots Initiatives. 

US Soccer - Learn About Play Practice Play

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Play Practice Play

US Soccer - Grassroots Soccer Course 

This free introductory module is the starting point for later U.S. Soccer's Grassroots Licensing Courses. The module includes more information and includes 4 Play-Practice-Play training sessions.

ASA encourages all coaches to complete the US Soccer Grassroots online course (which takes ~20 minutes).


5 V 2 (RONDO)

All ASA teams Grade 3/4 and older incorporate 5 v 2 possession games in their training plan. This exercise provides a technical and tactical challenge and creates game-like situations that require players to make decisions, communicate, trap, pass, defend, and play under pressure. Professional teams around the world include "Rondo" and numerous variations on (2 touch, 1 touch, splits, t with player in middle).  

Rondo Video 

"I started using 5v2 with my players at the Grade 3/4 level (MVP) and continued starting nearly every practice session and pre-game warm up through Grade 7/8.  It is great to use at the beginning of practice, as it can be started with smaller numbers as other players arrive and are added in."   

-Paul Dombrowski, ASA Director of Education

Kickin It! Program Documents:

more content coming for the Spring 2023 season

Warm-up Foot Drills

Soccer is a game mostly played with the feet. Individual foot skills and dribbling are at the heart of soccer skills. Every ASA training session should include 5 to 10+ minutes of foot skills.

Repetition builds muscle memory and develops good technique. As players improve and get older more challenging motions should be included. The following videos provide examples of footwork warm up.

ASA coaches should learn and practice as well to help our players learn mechanics. Start with 3 or 4 footwork skills. Over time, add additional skills. 5-10 minutes every practice will develop both skill and confidence. 

Players in Grade 1/2 and Up

Players in Grade 3/4 and Up

Players in Grade 5/6 and Up

Players in Grade 5/6 and Up

Travel & MVP Program Documents:

more materials coming for the Spring 2023 season


Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association session plans for Grade 1/2 (U8), Grade 3/4 (U10), Grade 5/6 (U12), and Grade 7/8 (U14)  This is an invaluable resource for coaches to support practice planning and tactical development. 


Week 1 Practice Plans for U10, U12 and U14 age groups:

Coaches: please select two of the three.  The third will be run in Week 3.

Fields for Kids

Amesbury Soccer Association (ASA) proposes a new strategy to realize a longstanding vision to improve soccer fields for the enjoyment of the town and visiting teams; the safety of the players, referees, coaches and families; and to preserve and protect the fields in our community.